Il Paradiso and Strandz Hair Design Privacy Policy

In order to maintain our highest standards of customer service Il Paradiso Spa and Tanning and Strandz Hair Design (Il Paradiso/Strandz) collect personal information and are committed to protecting this information.

Types of Personal Information

Il Paradiso/Strandz collect the minimal amount of personal information required to maintain high standards of excellence in customer service, including the following:
• name, age, sex, familial status
• residential and/or business address
• contact telephone numbers and email addresses
• credit card and other financial billing information
• personal preferences regarding services provided, timing of visits, future requests etc.

Purposes of Collecting Personal Information

Il Paradiso/Strandz collects personal information from its guests and prospective guests for the following purposes:
• To provide services including spa reservations and bookings
• To provide products including gift certificates and other products
• To process and collect payments for services
• To provide promotional and marketing information regarding Il Paradiso/Strandz promotions, special services and products
• To obtain and analyse marketing data in order to better understand our guests’ demographics and preferences and to assist in developing effective marketing and advertising in the future.

Methods of Collecting Personal Information

Il Paradiso/Strandz collects personal information in the following circumstances:
• when spa reservations are made or inquiries for reservations are made
• upon guest registration
• at the time of payment and/or check out and processing of these functions
• upon receipt and processing of email, online, mail or telephone inquiries
• from information provided on forms including comment cards, information circulars, refund requests, promotional materials including contest entry forms
• from visits to its web site

Web Site

Il Paradiso/Strandz collects the Internet Protocol (IP) address from each user who visits its web site. This IP address is a unique identifier assigned to a user’s computer each time connection to the internet is made. Il Paradiso Spa and Tanning may use these IP addresses to maintain and analyse statistical data regarding traffic on its web site, to help diagnose problems with its server and to help protect against fraud.

Il Paradiso/Strandz may use cookies on its web site to keep temporarily stored information during a multi-page process. A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to a user’s computer browser from a web site and is stored on the user’s computer hard drive. Cookies are necessary when data is required to be retained from one page to another during any particular process, including the completion of an order. The information gathered from cookies may be viewed in aggregate for statistical purposes. The original log data information is stored securely on Il Paradiso/Strandz Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) server. Il Paradiso/Strandz may be unable to complete a user’s online order if the cookie is not accepted by the user.

Il Paradiso/Strandz’s web site may contain links to other web sites that are provided and maintained by third parties. If users choose one of those links, they move from Il Paradiso/Strandz’s web site to a third party web site. Il Paradiso/Strandz has no control over these third party web sites and we recommend that users review the Privacy policies of these third party web sites to ensure that all Privacy concerns are met. Likewise, online booking services may be provided by certain third party web sites. Il Paradiso Spa and Tanning has no responsibility or liability for information submitted to third party web sites for online reservations and bookings purposes.

Information submitted on the web site, including email addresses and, is stored in databases at the ISP and occasionally on third party computers.

Retention, Storage and Disclosure of Personal Information

Il Paradiso/Strandz does not distribute, rent, sell or transfer guest databases or marketing lists nor does it distribute, rent, sell or transfer information regarding its web site or visitors to its web site.

Il Paradiso/Strandz record and store personal information in hard copy on its various manual forms including guest registration cards, invoices, comment cards, promotional items and electronically on its computer system.

Il Paradiso/Strandz maintains appropriate security measures over all methods of storage of personal information to ensure that Privacy is maintained and all Il Paradiso/Strandz employees have been advised of and provided with appropriate training with respect to the protection of personal information.

Il Paradiso/Strandz may be required in the normal course of business to transfer and disclose personal information to third parties from time to time for processing and completion of its services. Il Paradiso/Strandz uses contractual and other means to ensure that these third parties provide appropriate Privacy protection for this personal information.

Il Paradiso/Strandz may also be required to disclose personal information of its guests as permitted or required by law which includes disclosure to our solicitors or other professional advisors.

Il Paradiso/Strandz destroys all records containing personal information when they are no longer required for its stated purposes.


Il Paradiso/Strandz obtains consent for the collection, retention and disclosure of personal information for its stated purposes. Consent will be implied when information is collected in the normal course for a stated purpose such as completing a reservation or submitting information through a form on the web site. Il Paradiso/Strandz may be unable to complete its services if consent is expressly refused for these purposes.

Il Paradiso/Strandz also obtains consent for mailings for marketing purposes. Mailings are only delivered to persons who have provided consent to receive such mailings. An individual will always be permitted to withdraw consent for this purpose and, upon such request, the individual’s name will be removed from the mailing list within 48 hours of receipt of the request.

Reviewing and Correcting Personal Information

Individuals may ask to review any of the personal information that Il Paradiso/Strandz has collected and retained. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, Il Paradiso/Strandz will provide reasonable access to an individual’s personal information and individuals may challenge this information or request that this personal information be corrected, amended or updated as may be necessary. There will be no fee for this service in the normal course although Il Paradiso/Strandz reserves the right to assess a service charge not to exceed $25.00 and reasonable photocopy charges in appropriate circumstances.

Individuals may also request that Il Paradiso/Strandz remove their personal information from its records and, subject to necessary requirements for retention or those provided by law, Il Paradiso/Strandz will make reasonable efforts to comply with such requests.

Individuals may contact Il Paradiso/Strandz’s Privacy Officer at the address listed below to arrange to review or otherwise discuss your personal information. You will be required to provide satisfactory proof of your identity before such requests will be granted.

Inquiries or Complaints

Questions, concerns or complaints regarding this policy should be directed to Il Paradiso Spa and Tanning’s Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will respond to inquiries or complaints as soon as is practicable and, if possible, within 10 days of the receipt of such inquiry or complaint
Privacy officer
Tanya Hill (613) 829-9393
Il Paradiso Spa and Tanning
2525 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

If you are not satisfied with the results of our response to your inquiry or our investigation of your complaint, you may file a complaint with the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, 112 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1H3, 1 (800) 282-1376.


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